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Counting Down in 3... 2... 1...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
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Tomorrow is a big day! The start of a new venture. I think we're mostly ready. With school taking more time than I thought it would this year, though, it will be a challenge for me to keep up the pace of the writing I'll need to do. The more I do it, the easier it gets, though.

I'll write more about it soon!
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Strange Things Are Afoot...

Saturday, August 14, 2010
party on, dudesImage by krupp via FlickBut not at the Circle K.

I recently realized that I have been completely silent here all summer. I suppose there is a reason for that: my insane load of work this summer. Despite not homeschooling over the summer, I am always busy. It is my time to catch up on projects that I have neglected during the year, and this summer also included catching up on my dozen unwritten reviews for GeekDad. I am almost caught up with that, and I did get quite a few other projects completed, too. But, as usual, I only got about half of my Summer List done. Part of the reason for that is that during the past month, I've also been working on a new project, to be announced soon. So I hope to have more things to talk about this year. Also, I am planning a ginormous road trip for next summer with my half brother's wedding and my 20th high school reunion as bookends. I figure, if I'm going back east for two things, I might as well just go once. Despite the events likely being 5 weeks apart. Watch my Wandering Gnome blog for updates on that.

As summer vacation wraps up, and we start school on Monday, I feel like the summer was way too short to accomplish what I need to do. Next year's summer vacation is going to be even shorter, as the kids and I will be gone from home almost the entire summer break. But we'll have many adventures before then, which I will try to write up for my Homeschooling Adventure blog.
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