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The Actual Official Launch of GeekMom!

Thursday, September 30, 2010
San Francisco Artist & Television Personality ...Image via WikipediaIf you follow my not-oft-updated blog here, you would know that some people and I recently started GeekMom, the companion blog to GeekDad, where I've been writing for a year and a half. September 1st was our soft launch, a dry run of sorts. It's a good thing we've had that month to work out the bugs, because there have been a few. I'm sure there will be a few more in the future, but hopefully a very few.

In any case, Monday, October 4, 2010, will be our hard launch of the site, where we pull out all the stops, have advertisers, and start our monthly segment where Kari Byron of Mythbusters fame writes her own posts! Yes, this new GeekMom will be a contributor to our brand new blog. So please come visit, especially next week, and see on what we have been working so hard.
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2 comments to The Actual Official Launch of GeekMom!:

A. Straw said...

Hi Jenny.

Now I finally know what you look like. You should use this pic instead of the avatar I think. Not knocking the avatar, mind you, but I think people would like to see your smiling face!



A. Straw said...

Wait a minute! That's not you?

I'm confused. Guess that's what happens when I jump to conclusions.

I still wanna see your smiling face!